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Exercise helps


Exercise makes a body stronger. And more flexible, too. If that’s true in the physical sense, it’s certainly true of spirit and character as well.

I’ve written recently in this blog about late bloomers feeling like kids compared to men who have been out longer. About how we have to “grow up” again into a mature sense of who we are. Well exercise – in the form of getting out there are “being gay” – helps.

Like physical exercise, it makes you stronger – surer of yourself and able to withstand some of the negative blow-back that will likely come your way. Like physical exercise, it will make you more flexible – able to adapt to reality and deal with life as is comes at you.

And like physical exercise, it can make you hurt. But the more you do it, the sooner the pain goes away.

The exercise itself – the “being gay” part of it – goes a lot better if you have a clear sense of who you are and where you want to go with your new life. This is what I help guys with in my Re-branding for Late Bloomers program. It’s sort of like having a personal trainer. But, as with physical exercise – even when you have a trainer – in the end it’s up to you to just do it. Get the exercise you need, build those gay muscles and grow into your new life.

Not only, does gay exercise make you stronger, and help you get over being sore, the cool thing is, the more you do it the more fun it becomes.

There’s always some work involved, and there are going to be days you just don’t feel like doing it. Some days I literally have to drag myself to the Y in the morning. But I’m always glad I’ve done it, and the benefits are compelling.

It works the same way with gay exercise. Just writing this makes me want to go lift my gay weights. See you at the “gym.”

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