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A new life, a new brand


After four years living out, and a couple of years blogging about it, it occurred to me that I might have something more concrete than my random ruminations, to share with men coming along after me on the path outward.

My topics on this blog have been pretty varied – spirituality, history, gay culture, not turning into a cat lady – but more than a few have dealt with what you  might call the “nuts and bolts” of  being gay  – how to live a successful gay life after coming out.

Some of these posts have approached, but skirted around, the idea of a personal brand.

Many of us who come out in mid life feel totally lost. I’m not who I thought I was, or who I said I was. Who am I now? It can be a pretty scary situation.

So, as a semi-retired marketer, I’m repurposing my marketing chops by offering counsel to guys who come out later in life on how to construct, or reconstruct, a personal brand, and live better and more confidently as an out gay man.

My approach is to apply basic branding and marketing principles to personal life.

In business, if you don’t define yourself – tell your own story, and tell it first – others will define you. As a community, gay people have historically allowed others to define us – usually in negative terms. Only in recent years have we begun to push back.

It works the same way on a personal level. Many of us allowed the fear and shame instilled in us by the rest of the world to define us and keep us in the closet. Coming out doesn’t mean all that fear and shame simply vanishes. It can linger and morph into all sorts of unhealthy feelings.

But if you embrace your true self, clarify your story, and tell it first, no one else can tell it for you and define you in negative terms. You can re-set your personal brand to one of clarity and confidence.

I’m offering to help late bloomers – guys like me – do just that through a new service I’m calling – appropriately enough, I hope – Re-branding for Late Bloomers.

Have a look at And tell your friends.


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